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Life Insurance For Every South African

Life Insurance financially protects your loved ones after you are gone. At times, it is a difficult subject to talk about, but an important one. Supercompare takes the hassle out of searching the market. Let our leading financial institutions contact you with the deals to suit you and your family. Take a look at the various types of Life Cover available in South Africa and why you should consider getting this kind of insurance today.

Why Pure Life Cover?


Why Life Insurance Is Important

Life insurance is incredibly important for those you leave behind, particularly if you are the breadwinner in the house. A death can cause great devastation to a household. Not only will your family be left heartbroken at your loss, they may also be left in a poor financial state. A life insurance policy can cover your loved ones by means of a lump sum payment should you pass away. This will ensure that your family’s home, lifestyle and education is paid for. This will give those you leave behind a chance to plan out their next moves to ensure they will continue to be financially stable after you are gone.

Types Of Life Insurance Available

Now that you are aware of the necessity for life insurance, take a look at the various plans available for you to make use of.

Traditional Whole Life Insurance

Traditional whole cover will cover you throughout the duration of your life, or up until the age of 95. Throughout your life, you will pay a fixed amount into this policy. The insurance will then be paid out to your beneficiaries should you die. Furthermore, the policy provider will also invest portions of your premiums, into investments which you can partially choose. Sounds like a great plan. So why isn’t everyone on this option? Your premiums on this life cover are generally substantially higher than term life insurance policies.

Term Life Insurance Policies

A term life insurance policy will cover you for a fixed period of time. You can generally choose terms of 10, 15 and 20 years. During this time, you will pay a fixed rate premium into the cover. If you should die whilst your term is still active, your beneficiary will be paid out by means of a lumps sum. However, should your term expire, you will lose out on that sum and have to take out a new term. On a positive note though, you will be able to either extend your plan or exchange it for a new term policy which means you won’t lose anything.

Who You Can Cover In Your Life Insurance Policy

Just as there are different types of insurance, there are also different plans available to cover those around you.

Single Policies

As the name suggests, a single life insurance policy will cover a single individual at a time.

Parent Policies

If you are financially supporting your parents, you will be able to add them to your life insurance plan.

Children Policies

You can take out a life insurance for your child, which is similar to a funeral plan. Should they pass, a lump sum will be paid to the parent towards burial payments.

Joint Life Insurance

You and your significant other will also be able to take out one plan for both of you. The spouse will then become the beneficiary in light of one’s death. Should you both pass, your named beneficiary will then receive the lump sum payment.

Specialized Types Of Life Cover

Apart from being able to choose whether you’d like to take term life or traditional whole life policies, there are also specialized cover types for people from various walks of life. Take a look at the different policies available for various categories of people.

Pre-Existing Medical Condition Cover

If you have been diagnosed with a certain medical condition prior to taking out life cover, you may think you will be uninsurable. But you would be thinking wrong! There are certain providers willing to offer life cover to individuals with already existing health conditions.

High Risk Cover

If you are either involved in a dangerous line of work, a smoker, have been a smoker in the past five years, or have a history of substance abuse, you would then fall under the high-risk category of life insurance. Whilst you may have led or are leading a dangerous life style, know that you will still be eligible for cover through certain providers.

Life Cover For People Over Fifty

People over fifty generally have a harder time taking out life insurance as they are deemed a higher risk. But, luckily, if you find yourself falling into this category, there are insurance plans available for over fifties from various providers. These are pension covers and will pay-out a lump sum to your beneficiary in light of your passing.

Mortgage Policies

Yes, you do get life cover dedicated to covering your mortgage should you pass. This type of cover is incredibly important for those you leave behind, particularly if you were the breadwinner in the home. A mortgage can be a crippling monthly repayment. Therefore, make sure your loved ones aren’t left in financial hell by taking out a mortgage life insurance policy.

Make The Most Of A Life Insurance Policy Today

Be sure to take out the right kind of life insurance for yourself and your family today. All you need to do is look for the right type of cover that suits your needs. Supercompare will help you find the perfect insurance policy in next to no time. All you need to do is ask!


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